Plastic Recycling Granulator



This machine is used for processing recycle clean PP/PE woven bag, PP/PE plastic film or other broken old PP/PE plastic to make them into granules that will be reused as raw material.

Product Details

Main Technical Parameters:

Model No.NY-FL120-IINY-FL150-II
Barrel&Screw of First Extruder160*120*1500mm200*150*2000mm
Barrel&Screw of Second Extruder140*110*1000mm160*115*1100mm
Rotate Speed of Screw50-80rpm50-80rpm
First Extruder Motor 18.5kw37kw
Second Extruder motor 7.5kw15kw
Grain Cutter Motor1.5kw2.2kw
Production Capacity (kg/h)50-100120-200
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 450×200×110cm580×280×130cm
Approx. Weight 1500kg2500kg

Technical Paramters are subject to change without prior notice.

Remark: Technical Parameters are subject to change without prior notice.