Plastic Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine With Liner Inserting



This machine is a automatic lining bag and outer bag sack of special equipment,collection of endometrium bag heating sealing, bag lining cut inside and outside the bag,sack after sealing,counting,and palletizing functions in an organic whole,simple operation,high degree of automation ,and has the following features.

Product Details

Main Technical Parameters:

Model NY-QTF-750
Diameter of Fabric Roll (max.)1200mm
Unwinding Width of Cloth Roll400-750
Cutting Length600-1200
Cutting Length Accuracy±1mm
Cutting typeHeat
Linning Speed18-22 pcs/min
Bottom Folding Width16-30
Max Sewing Speed(r/min)1500-2000
Max Stitching Thickness8mm
Stitching Range8-15
Production Speed20-40 pcs/min
Install. Capacity18kw
Overall dimensions690*600*160cm

Technical Paramters are subject to change without prior notice.

Remark: Technical Parameters are subject to change without prior notice.