Six Shuttle Circular Loom > NY-SBY-850/6



This serious of circular loom is latest plane cam struture, weaving the cylinder or flat cloth with PP and HDPE flat yarns.

Product Details

• Latest plane cam structure -adopt idler wheel from shuttle, non-lubrication;

• The brown belt made of high-strength and high-toughness material, with brown silk, runs smoothly and has low noise;

• Complete weft and weft automatic detection system;

• Man-machine interface centralized control, easy to operate.

Model No.NY-SBY-850/6
Shuttle Quantity6
Folded Cloth Width300-850
Max Number Warp (pcs)720
Max Diameter of Warp Bobbin110mm
Max Diameter of Weft Bobbin110mm
Rotational Speed of Main Motor90-180 R/Min
Bobin Size (ID*L) Φ38*230mm/Φ35ⅹ218mm
Power of Main Motor (kw) 3
Power of lift-up Motor (kw) 0.37
Winder Motor1.6 Nm
Max Winder Diameter1500mm
Installing dimensions(L*W*H) 10.5*2.8*3.2 m
Approxi.Weight(kg) 2000

Some changed Specification will not be prior notice because of continuous design improvement.

Remark: Technical Parameters are subject to change without prior notice.